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Automotive Electronics is a vibrant field created by forces of consumer electronics, vehicular safety/entertainment/convenience, and the emerging roadway & telephony infrastructure. This Learning Center was assembled to help all of us continue to stay abreast of the latest trends, market influences, vehicle design, and consumer electronic trends.


Technical Societies of Interest

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
The IEEE has always been an excellent support for technical issues surrounding the engineering, physics, system, and device design required for success in the automotive electronics industry. They are well known for their technical journals and their technical symposia. Together with the SAE, the IEEE sponsors the Convergence Meeting in Detroit held every two years (see section listing Industry Meetings for more details and web site.)

Society of Automotive Engineers
This organization is excellent for year-round support of all suppliers and manufacturers to the worldwide automotive industry. They have an excellent series of technical papers, plus numerous exhibitions aimed generally and also specifically at various portions of the market.

The Hansen Report on Automotive Electronics
The Hansen Report is by far the best and most dependable resource in automotive electronics. Paul Hansen is the editor and full time reporter who is unrivaled in his ability to scope out breaking stories and also report on issues that need clarification and transparency. Paul issues ten reports a year that come in either paper or electronic form and also allow for the ability to search his previous issues on line with a simple search function built into his web site. Highly recommended.

AutoBeat Daily
This electronic report offers a few into all things automotive five days per week. The focus is on many of the known constituencies such as governmental data, OEM/vehicle rumors or facts, supplier information and technology knowledge or breakthroughs. The Daily is quite good with automotive technology and suppliers and vehicle manufacturers in North America and Europe, but not quite as strong or current on the Asia/Pacific continent. Their focus is to provide a paragraph on the topic of interest with no intention of going expertly deep into anyone topic; it is up to the reader/subscriber to do exactly that if interested.

Other Helpful Links

The International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers
Summary site that provides a list of the important world wide automotive shows and expositions that provides not only the dates of the next show but the web link for more information.

The Automotive Shows from Around the World
Excellent summary of upcoming automotive vehicular and supplier shows world wide giving details on show web site, dates, and focus of each event.

Worldwide Automotive Supplier Directory

Online and printed supplier directory compiled by the SAE.

Automotive iQ
Timely and accurate summary of automotive electronic systems meetings and developments. Aimed at providing automotive industry professionals with a prime resource for most topics including PowerTrain, Electrical/Electronics, Chassis Systems, and Car Body & Materials.