We form seamless relationships.

Partnerships are our strength.

Focus on Emerging Business/Customers and Expert Witness Litigation

Company Profile


Providing strategic analysis and market & business development to suppliers in the automotive electronics industry... and beyond!


Wilhelm Associates partners with its clients to provide sustained knowledge and advice to significantly improve your revenue and profitability in the North American markets.

Our goal is to form a seamless client-consultant relationship, bringing a unique portfolio of capabilities to our clients, providing them with creative and effective solutions.

Our primary focus is with Tier One and Tier Two automotive electronics suppliers as they do business with worldwide Vehicular OEMs in North America.

Our secondary focus is to use these honed skills with other suppliers and markets not associated with automotive... that can gain from the robustness and rigor of automotive electronics development and manufacturing.

Customer Base

Since our beginning in the spring of 2001, we have had significant success with a diverse range of clients; from privately held to publicly traded companies, manufacturing companies to large law firms, entrepreneurial start-ups to billion dollar revenue giants, hardware manufacturers to service providers, aftermarket to OEM, spanning the scope of systems providers to hardware and software designers, supporting customers headquartered in Europe, in Asia, and in North America.

While we have enabled real measurable growth in business won, we have also collaborated in creating lasting partnerships which have resulted in much stronger product portfolios.

Company Philosophy

Our consistent and overriding goal is to provide “Best in Class” service to our client companies, ensuring that our service is timely, ethical, achievable, easily understood and most of all, successful.

We take pride in our first-hand knowledge of key decision makers in the industry and our ability to efficiently advise you on the most expeditious method of winning your next OEM contract.

We have the ability to focus on the near and mid-term future to see what is really possible in the North American automotive electronics market and when trends & events will actually materialize.