Delivering strategy and tactics.

Our spectrum of expertise...


As consultants in the automotive electronics market space, our strength is based on insightful analysis of your potential sales opportunities. We focus on delivering an overarching strategy, supported with specific tactics that will enable your success in the North American automotive electronics marketplace.

Strategic Analysis

  • Strategic planning for five to ten year horizon
  • Scenario Analysis for critical events
  • Advice and support based upon market knowledge for many of the major world markets
  • Facilitation of multi-continent strategies

Business Development and Analysis

  • Key introductions for major players in the automotive market space
  • Power mapping of decision makers at Tier Ones and OEMs
  • Strategic and tactical planning of steps leading to new business
  • Analysis and creation of sustainable competitive advantages for your business
  • Manufacturing Systems analysis of potential business partners

Legal Consultation

  • Expert Witness Depositions & Court Testimony
  • Support for IPRs and District Court Cases
  • Literature searches, report writing and reviews
  • Legal Strategic Planning for pending litigation
  • Technical consultation with client's engineering resources
  • Background technical advisor for legal team

Technical Reviews and Alternatives

  • Critical design reviews of system and component designs
  • Alternatives with weightings and recommendations
  • Use and support of the Design-to-Cost product development model
  • Knowledge & support for emerging IC chip sets and integration strategies

Licensing and Teaming for Success

  • Gap analysis to drive leveraging strategies
  • Licensing of critical missing product or technology gaps
  • Creation of interfirm linkages from contractual through equity agreements
  • Creation of extended enterprises through creative intracompany business relationships

Market Research

  • Analysis of required product differentiation
  • Support and facilitation of marketing clinics and focus groups
  • Assessment of concepts or refinement of products to fit market needs
  • Understanding of the Voice of the Customer to enable the design of products that not only meet market needs but demonstrate your understanding of the market
  • Assessment of current product offerings in comparison to competitive offerings in the marketplace
  • Evaluations of pre-investment options to evaluate whether a new product will exhibit market pull before costly up front investment is sunk into product development
  • Facilitation of analysis to better evaluate product concept alternatives and positioning to enable maximum market success
  • Assembly of market knowledge through study and analysis to optimize brand and product positioning in the market place

Market and Technical Analysis

  • Serving as technical advisor to dozens of investment firms in the North American market
  • Providing expert advice to institutional investors interested in suppliers to the automotive market
  • Technical product/systems areas include navigation, audio, telematics, electric vehicle propulsion, & active safety systems
  • Offering in-depth analysis in certain high tech areas prime for leveraged buyouts
  • Design/consultation for cleanroom facilities and semiconductor processes
  • Management of technology transfer with R&D projects

Lean Systems Development and Analysis

  • Lean Leadership Development
  • Lean System Planning and Mentoring
  • Lean Tool Implementation
  • Lean Tool Training