We become your partners.

Your success is our success.

Two Primary automotive electronic focuses:

  • New Products, new markets, new verticals for Automotive Tier Ones and Tier Twos
  • Expert Witness support
    • Reports, IPRs, depositions

  • How We Can Help
  • Success Stories
  • Questions to Ask Yourself

Knowledge regarding how:

  • Vehicle manufacturers do business
  • Licensing and partnerships
  • Lean Tools and Systems Analysis
  • Business Development Tier One/Two suppliers
  • Expert witness defendant support: reports, depositions
  • Analysis of your product portfolio and key customer needs
  • Advice/counsel for private equity opportunities?
  • Product differentiation
  • To win new infotainment & ADAS business

We have had success in...

  • Legal strategy and expert witness reports & depositions
  • Portfolio strategic evaluations
  • Strong program management
  • Restructuring advice
  • Co-leading a US-based safety consortium
  • Strategy and tactics for automotive Tier One’s marketing plan
  • Tier One/Two suppliers new business wins.
  • Private equity firms decisions

Do any of these questions hit home?

  • Revenue stagnant?
  • Worried about unknown new suppliers?
  • Trying to support a new customer in North America when your base of strength is overseas?
  • Expert witness needed with experience in depositions, IPRs, or report generation?
  • Require a workable strategy to drive business decisions?
  • Struggling to find the “right people?”
  • Problematic lean tools and systems analysis in your factory?
  • Looking for experienced leadership?
If any of these questions hit home, why not give us a try?